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No matter the price point or quality of your rental units we have the right products.

Whether you’re looking for an incredibly affordable option (we have everyone else beat on pricing) or something more high end for your higher priced rental we can show you options that will work for you.

New carpet makes any property smell better, feel newer, and helps you get it rented FASTER.

LVT is fantastic because it’s extremely durable, very affordable, and great modern look that appeals to rentals.

FAST installation times

In a hot rental market like we have in southeastern MN, we know that it’s hard to keep up with the demand of renters.

That’s why our quick installation times on all types of flooring help you get your units rented faster than ever.

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The process of cleaning, fixing, and renting out a unit is never as quick or affordable as you’d like it to be.


After working with tons of rental property owners and managers all across southeastern MN we have a concrete understanding of what you need and want from a flooring company.

We have the quality yet affordability you need in products and installation times that are just about quicker than what you could imagine.

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