Rochester MN Family Room Transformation

We started by shiplapping the back wall for a focal point and then we painted the room in City Loft by Sherwin Williams. For our color scheme I wanted to keep it light, but I also wanted it to be a little warm without going to too much of a beige color.

We picked the carpeting first, which was a bleached linen color and we took the wall color from that.

We went to Sherwin Williams and City Loft was a nice match with that. And from there we just kind of played off of the tufted sofa, so stayed with the gray and light grayish color for the room.

It was definitely time for new carpeting and we just love the way it wears, and you walk on it, its nice and soft and especially when we have kids that like to lay on the floor to watch TV and hang out

Total for the room, we spent about $2,600 give or take a little bit on that, which the improvements just really worth it for ending this room.

Here’s the link to her blog post – Read it here